White currants

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Availability period



• Minimum 7 fruits per cluster
• Bunch of small, round cream-colored berries
• Berries hang on a green stern
• Even fruit size
• Even ripeness

Catch phrase

Transluscent pinkish-white berries that are similar in taste to red currants but slightly sweeter.


Soft fruit is delicious as a snack to eat on the run. Very often soft fruit is also used in smoothies, desserts, yogurt and other tasty dishes.

Opt t

1-5 ° C

Size - pieces

Size: (lengte of the vine - diameter of the fruit):
• A (less than 5 cm length; less than 12 mm diameter)
• 2A (more than 5 cm lenghe; more than 12 mm diameter)
• 3A (more than 9 cm length; more than 14 mm diameter)
• 4A (more than 13 cm length; more than14 mm diameter)