Turk's turban

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Availability period

Oct- Feb


• Ranges in color from mottled green, orange to yellow At its blossom end is a turban-like cap, thus its name. Edible variety
• Wrapped in a thin but hard shell
• Orange flesh can vary from mild to sweet depending upon variety

Catch phrase

A marvelous appearance but little flesh


This pumpkin with special form is perfectly edible, although it has relatively little pumpkin flesh.

Opt t

6 ° C


• Weight (group packaging EPS star high): pumpkins should always be put close to each other in one group packaging In a single package, the weight difference between the lightest and the heaviest up to 2 kg
• Quality
• Variety: yellow, red, white, gray, green, Hokkaido, Halloween, Hubbard or Sweet Dumpling;
• Color: light and dark (Hokkaido) - bronze (Halloween) - green, blue and gold (Hubbard).