Red currants

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Availability period



• Minimum 10 fruits per cluster
• Bunch of small, round red-colored berries
• Berries hang on a green stern
• Even fruit size
• Even ripeness
• The season opens with the race Junifer. Later on Jonckheer von Tets, Rolan and Rotet. Then, the main variety Rovada comes into production. Rovada is available until the Christmas holidays.

Catch phrase

Transluscent red berries that explode in your mouth with bright fruity aromatics and a tart piquant flavor.


Soft fruit is delicious as a snack to eat on the run. Very often soft fruit is also used in smoothies, desserts, yogurt and other tasty dishes.

Opt t

1-5 ° C


Variety: Rovada is sold separately

Size - pieces

Size: (lengte of the vine - diameter of the fruit):
• A (less than 5 cm length; less than 12 mm diameter)
• 2A (more than 5 cm lenghe; more than 12 mm diameter)
• 3A (more than 9 cm length; more than 14 mm diameter)
• 4A (more than 13 cm length; more than14 mm diameter)