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  • Fresh
  • Young leaves of Belgian endive
  • No traces of disease and/or mechanical damage
  • No traces of earth, nutritional solutions or abnormal moisture
  • No traces of frostbite
  • Free from strange odours or tastes
  • Preserve freshness when preserved in a cold environment

Catch phrase

The loose leaves of baby Belgian endives (chicory) in stylish packaging provide consumers with a ready-made solution and are ideal when served as a quick appetizer, filled with a dipping sauce.


Chicoleaves are very healthy and have the advantage that they can be served in various forms and in a plurality of recipes. The leaves themselves make an ideal edible appetizer 'spoon', ready to fill with a crab dip, chutney or blue cheese dip. Chicoleaves is ideal for many occasions (at home with friends/family or business receptions) and is available throughout the year. This makes it a perfect appetizer both during the Christmas holidays and as a summer aperitif. The small leaves are also perfect as a garnish with cocktails.


Opt t

2 °C


Bag of 150g