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• Very good quality and normal shape and colour
• Very good presentation and uniform selection
• Correctly cut top
• Absolutely free from crop damage, insect damage
• Absolutely free from dried-out parts or hollow tubers
• Absolutely no cracks, no sprouting and not fibrous inside
• Minimum diameter 30 mm
• Minimum length 120 mm

Catch phrase

More than frequently found in many dishes, despitebeing present on the list of forgotten vegetables.


Parsnip has a nice sweet anise taste and creamy color. Let your children get acquainted with parsnip chips or a delicious parsnip soup!

Opt t

2-5 ° C

Size - pieces

• per piece (weight from 100 to 800 g per piece)
• number of pieces per box: 8, 10, 15, 20 or 30