Oak leaf lettuce

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• Available in red and green
• Well developed
• Firm rosette
• Freshly harvested with a smooth cut end
• No wilted or discoloured leaves
• Free from damage and physiological defects
• No sprouting in red lettuce and Romaine lettuce, in the other varieties max. 40% of the length
• No head formation
• No frostbite, aphids or insects
• Free from traces of earth
• Good presentation
• Uniform selection

Catch phrase

An exceptional good looking lettuce


Oak leaf lettuce is ideal as a base for salads with a distinct flavor and as an accompaniment to meat dishes. Combines very well with nuts, cheese, smoked meat, apple, raisins. In mixed salad this type of lettuce should not be missed.

Opt t

2 ° C


• weight
• growing method: greenhouse or outside
• Colour: red (red oak leaves) or green (green oak leaves)

Weight (kg/100 pieces)

• 20 kg
• 22,5 kg
• 25 kg
• 27,5 kg
• 30 kg
• 35 kg
• 40 kg
• 45 kg (max 50 kg)