About BelOrta

Who we are

When people say fruit and veg, they mean BelOrta. The more than 950 manufacturers in our cooperative provide an extensive selection of fruit and vegetables, locally grown and so deliciously fresh, that ranges from the traditional favourites to the most innovative cultivars and varieties.


Our pay-off line, ‘redefining fruit and vegetables’, reflects our mission in no uncertain terms: pushing out the boundaries in the fruit and vegetable landscape. In a rapidly changing market environment, BelOrta is constantly searching for innovative solutions and a higher standard of performance for each of our domains.

BelOrta maintains the highest standards and guarantees top quality through our production expertise and knowledge of the market. Our more than 1,450 skilled producers are specialists in their field and have the newest facilities at their fingertips. What’s more, they are constantly in search of new innovative and sustainable production techniques.

BelOrta focuses on innovation and its ongoing quest is to find the produce and packaging, innovative production techniques, storage systems and modern logistical processes that appeal to the consumer.

Dealing responsibly with people, the planet and profit is the driving force behind everything we do. BelOrta and its producers and suppliers all undertake to achieve sustainability goals in the long term. Continuous improvement is part and parcel of our operational practices.

Throughout its philosophy and market approach, BelOrta endeavours to be a reliable partner for its consumers, producers and members of staff.

Our geographical location guarantees quick and efficient service for the majority of our European consumers. This promotes cost effectiveness, freshness and quality. Favourable conditions for cultivation, the mild climate and enough natural water sources are what make our region an ideal area for growing fruit and vegetables of the highest quality.