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Cooperation with cooperatives

Cooperation with cooperatives

BelOrta is an active member in collaborative alliances such as the Belgian Association of Horticultural Auctions [Verbond van Belgische Tuinbouwcoöperaties, or VBT for short] and Logistical and Administrative Auction Association [Logistieke en Administratieve Veiling Associatie, abbreviated as LAVA].

In addition to this, we seek cooperation with industry associations, companies and services that enhance knowledge and skills, both for BelOrta as a company and for the member cooperatives.

These kinds of collaborations are not restricted to regional or national initiatives; instead they go beyond to fit within European and global platforms or initiatives.

BelOrta is an active ambassador for the ICA Compass. This initiative aims to be a tool and a guiding landmark for startup cooperatives that, just like BelOrta, hold ICA principles dear.

These ICA principles include:

voluntarily and open membership

ICA 2: democratic control by the members

ICA 3: economic participation

ICA 4: autonomy and independence

ICA 5: education, training and information provider

ICA 6: cooperation among cooperatives

ICA 7: concern for the community