Quality Mark Flandria

Flandria is the Belgian quality label for fruit and vegetables. Only top-quality produce, with a perfect taste and unblemished appearance, get awarded the Flandria label.

Flandria’s tale began in 1995 with tomatoes and chicory. Since then, 60 different types of fruit and vegetable types have been awarded its label. More information about the selection is available on www.flandria.be

The strict Flandria quality label is applied by four Belgian auctions, BelOrta being among their number. Our passionate growers make every effort to uphold the high standard of this label. And because they do, you can rest assured that the Flandria vegetables that you choose are guaranteed to be:


FRESH.The vegetables are available straight after they have been harvested; it doesn’t get fresher. The grower harvests the produce in the morning and brings them to the auction in the afternoon. There they are stored in refrigerators until the clock auction is held the following morning. From there, they are loaded straight into refrigerated lorries and taken to retail outlets.


Flandria vegetables are cultivated with care. Our commitment is to have the greatest respect for the environment thanks to an ecologically responsible approach to cultivation, from germination to harvesting. All Flandria vegetables come from family businesses. So growers feel personally involved in their own produce.

THE BEST POSSIBLE FLAVOURS.This freshness and the care that is taken are bound to produce products that are rich in taste and flavour.


Because they are family businesses, growers feel personally involved in their own produce. What’s more, they are professionally supported by scientists and product developers. Work on improving the taste and the shelf life of the produce never stops.