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BelOrta fruit & vegetables

BelOrta offers the best of what more than 1,000 local growers have to offer under one brand. We have a wide product range of more than 120 vegetable, 30 fruit varieties and 20 fresh herbs. It may well be that a BelOrta tomato, chicory or Conference pear finds its way into your shopping basket each week. Healthy, fresh and above all scrumptious.

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BelOrta chef

Looking to amaze your friends during a dinner at home? Then try the less well-known varieties of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from the BelOrta Chef range. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a carpaccio with Coeur de Boeuf d’Antan, a pasta prepared with broccolini or a Double Flip dessert? Especially for that creative chef lurking in every one of us. 

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BelOrta bio

BelOrta deliberately goes for a wide range of organically grown fruit and vegetables. From chicory to blueberries, we have an organic variety for virtually all our products.

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Flandria is the Belgian quality label for vegetables. Only top-quality produce, with a perfect taste and unblemished appearance, get awarded the Flandria label. Flandria’s tale began in 1995 with tomatoes and chicory. Since then, 60 different types of fruit and vegetable types have been awarded its label.

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Kanzi® is not your ordinary apple, it is an apple of the highest quality. Its luxurious presentation forms a tempting precursor for the crispy bite and the delicious, perfect balance between a sweet yet tart taste that has its roots in our unique mix of sweet and sour taste combined with a juicy bite.

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Migo®: the ‘Friendly Pear’ that you can eat any time, anywhere. The taste is so deliciously sweet, fresh and juicy. Migo also distinguishes itself with its exceptional shelf life, its smooth peel, beautiful shape and proper hardness. In short: the pear that brings a smile to your face.

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Looking for the ultimate thirst quencher? Then try Greenstar®. Greenstar® is a tart apple chock-full of vitamin C. Its long-lasting crispiness is unrivalled and what’s more the flesh of the fruit does not change colour once the fruit is cut. So it’s deliciously refreshing from the very first to the very last bite.

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