BelOrta Bio

In recent years, the market for organic produce has been doing extremely well. In 2015, total spend on organic produce in Belgium rose by no less than 18%, and the share of organic produce grew from 2.3% to 2.7%. In addition, the categories of organic fruit and vegetables rose last year in purchased volume per average Belgian by 12.3% and 14.6% respectively.

It is very clear that more and more Belgians are going for organic and we at BelOrta are expanding in line with this trend, in terms of the number of growers, areas and range. BelOrta deliberately goes for a wide range of organically grown fruit and vegetables, based on scientifically substantiated, controlled and modern cultivation methods. This means that we can guarantee excellent service, flexibility and security of supply.

And above all, our organic range is scrumptious!

Below you will find a selection from our extensive range of organic produce.